Thursday, July 18, 2013

So What Do You Do?

Greg took off from work, the first 3 days of our new lifestyle ~ which was great!

We've had our ups and downs, have been tired, have drunk gallons of water, swam/floated in the pool, read books, worked on my quilt, clipped some bushes, walked the dog, washed all our cups/spoons/bowls from our liquid nutrition.  Oh, and lost weight.  I am up to 8 pounds now (since returning from the mission trip) and Greg is up to 18 (I think!) ~ motivation to keep going! 

We've also amassed a large collection of sugar free jello, been through the grocery store reading labels, cleaned out the fridge, rearranged all the fridge shelves to be Greg/Donna friendly, and put our blender through a workout. 

So far we like the chocolate shake (my fave), the vanilla shake (Gregs fave), the hot chocolate (both of us like this), the cheddar broccoli soup, the cream of chicken soup, and Greg likes the lemon pudding.  There is also a chocolate pudding and its ok ~ the first night it was nasty, the second night I added some of my Honduran Vanilla and that made it better but still not quite good.  We can add spices to stuff as long as we read the labels and keep up with carbs/calories we added some of our homemade taco seasoning to the cream of chicken soup ~ yum!

Oh....we've also been texting/talking to our kids at Street Reach ~ they are having a great time!  Mondays afternoon project was The Senior Center, Tuesdays was playing outdoor games with the kids at one of the sites, and yesterdays was the community center.  Last night was their free night for fun so they went to play lazer tag and went out to eat dinner.

Friday morning will be their last day at the site.  And after lunch they will head home. 

Happy Thursday!

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