Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"I Am The Lord" acrostic

†~ Exodus 20:2-17. ~†~ The Ten Commandments ~†These 10 words convey a lot of thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Idolatry ~ everyone has idols whether we admit it or not....what about your job, paycheck, children, sports, bank account, home, holidays, family traditions,  possessions.  Its ok to have all these things but keep it in perspective ~ they are blessings from the Lord in your life....not things to worship.

Adultery ~ Almost any tv show, country song, or gossip can glamorize this.  The Lord says NO.

Murder ~ don't do it ~ to any age ~ young or old.

Take ~ Thou shalt not steal....if its not yours, don't take it.

Honor ~ Children obey/honor your parents...This applies to all of us who are someones child.  I am still my mothers child, even though I am married, out of the home, a mom and a grandma.  No where in the Bible does it tell us to not obey, listen, honor, respect our parents after we are grown, married or established in our own households.  (My personal belief is that when you are grown, on your own, "obey" is not applicable, you are responsible for you ~ however the honor/respect applies at any age)

Envy ~ are we happy when good things happen to others or do we complain/gripe/whine?  I think we are probably all guilty of this at one time or another.  The Lord blesses his Children in different ways and at different times.  We need to be content in our circumstances and not envious of others.

Lie ~ or could be shown as stretch the truth, leave out details, gloss over what really happened, hide the truth ~ just be truthful....then you don't have to remember what you said to who, when, and about what ~ tell the truth

One ~ there is only one God.  He is the creator, author, and perfecter of our Faith. 

Rest ~ actually this doesn't mean sleeping in on Sunday.  Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy (this is the only 1 of the 10 commandments not repeated in the New Testament).  For us, this means to set aside Sunday as our day of Worship, family time, and rest.  Most Sundays we can accomplish this easily ~ others we aren't so successful at...however those are few and far between.

Disrespect ~ Don't take the Lords name in vain.  Don't toss it around, use as part of profanity, or as an exclamation to make a point.  There are 3 little letters that are used frequently ~ you hear them anywhere you go, see them on pins on pinterest, hear them on tv shows.  The next time I hear "Oh my God" as an idle comment ~ I would love to hear a voice from heaven booming out ~ WHAT?  You keep calling me!  (but that's just the way my mind is working).  Many claim not to believe in God, but use his name all the time.  Words have meanings, be careful.  (I have been guilty of this when younger, thinking it didn't mean anything ~ it does, I've repented)

I found the poster on Pinterest.  The commandments aren't in order as given in the Bible but the acrostic "I Am the Lord" is an effective way of memorizing them.

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