Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Family Member

Monday night our new family member arrived.

She is a wild bundle of energy and ALL puppy.  Rosey is a 13 week old black Lab/Boxer mix.

Rosey is a gorgeous dog, loves to romp (and scratch & nip), and has taken an instant liking to swimming in our pool.  She LOVES the pool.  She can swim all around and go back to the shallow end and climb up the stairs.  Its a little more difficult for her to climb up the ladder at the deep end, but she has managed it 3 or 4 times. 

She wants to romp and play with the Chihuahua's but they aren't having anything to do with that yet.  I think little Licorice is terrified cause Rosey is so big.

We got Rosey from our church friends.  They were having to move and couldn't keep her in their new rental home. 

Amy is working with her to cut down on some of the jumping and carrying on.  Rosey is doing real good until she gets excited ~ like seeing Will walk down the stairs, or stealing Greg's flip flop, or playing tug of war with my skirt (I was wearing it), or any shiny object that catches her attention.  Amys water glass was a favorite of hers yesterday!

Rosey came with all the puppy essentials ~ and a coupon book they had gotten from Pets Mart.  There were 2 coupons for free puppy day camp training & she and Amy will be attending! 

This is an adventure ~ for Rosey and for us.

And yes....I guess we are the crazy dog family!

(I would put up pictures but I can't get them to download right now)

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