Monday, June 17, 2013

Making Progress

A couple of weeks ago, Greg read a blogpost by Tim Challies about eliminating time wasters in your life.  Its one of those posts where it makes you start thinking about your own life and what you can do to improve certain areas.  One area we are looking at is email ~ there are emails I get everyday that contain ads, homeschool advertisements, etc.  ~ I am unsubscribing from those lists.  Which will mean less emails to go through everyday.  On FB we've "hidden" some pages from our fb wall, we will still have the option to read them by finding the page, but it won't show up in front of us everyday.  On Pinterest, I have "unfollowed" some boards that don't interest me personally.  I like all the crafts, travel, missions, homemaking, etc. boards but not so much the my fashion or my style.  If at some point I am looking for something specific, I can still search for it. 

Our tv is more off than on. We've got certain shows we want to watch ~ Master Chef, The Next Food Network Star, NCIS, Elementary, to name a few.  We've gotten very good at watching 1 show and then turning off the opposed to surfing the channels looking for nothing in particular.

Our library cards are getting a workout.  We come home with a bag of books and take back the bag within a week or so.  Greg and I also cleaned out a bunch of books and took them to "2nd  & Charles" in Birmingham this weekend.  They buy your old books.  We took in 3 crates of books and they bought most of them.  The rejects, I put into the free box outside except for 3 nicer books.  I am going to start our online book swap account back up soon and will put the nicer ones on there.  If you want cash for your books, they will give you that price but if you want store credit ~ the price they "pay" doubles.  We went for store credit.  Amy found several baking books, we found Greg a turkey fryer cookbook, and we got some just for fun reading books.  Lets just say ~ our store credit is $0!  We spent it.  And they had a buy 5 novels, get 5 free deal going on ~ so we stretched that money even further.  I think Greg ended up paying $10 for all our books.

Now that homeschool is over, I've got lots more books I can share/sell/trade etc.  I have given away lots of our textbooks.  Some I am saving for Amy to use with her own children one day ~ like the ABeka readers, all the Dover coloring books, Little House curriculum, Am. Girl books.  But there are lots more to go.  It just takes time to go through stuff  ~ and stamina since some of this is stored in our super hot attic in file cabinets.  But we are slowly weeding through the accumulation and sharing with others.

So now its time to read, or sew, or do laundry, or cook, or cross stitch, or cut out fabric, or crochet, or pick vegies from the garden, or pet the doggies, or swim, or menu plan, or clean something, or go through more stuff!

Happy Monday!

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