Saturday, April 6, 2013

In The Dirt Again!

Today was gardening day!
I've got 9 tomatoes in the ground.
36 Cucumber plants are planted.
Thanks to Amy, the 3 shutter boxes are full of pole bean seeds.
A peach tree is in its new home.
And 2 Thompson grapes are in the "vineyard".  Haha...the vineyard now has 4 grapevines.

Greg and Will worked on the chicken coup box, strung wire for the grapes, and changed the oil in the cars!


  1. I hope your garden grows well! I love your tulip picture in your header. Such a fun glimpse of Spring!

  2. Thanks Abbi! The tulip picture was taken in front of our house. We found the bulbs for .02 a package in January at Walmart. We bought $1 worth of bulbs ~ I've shared lots of packs with neighbors and friends! It was an awesome bargain and we figured we wouldn't be out much money if they didn't bloom. We are thrilled with the results of our cheap purchase!


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