Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Pictures

Here are some more pictures from our cruise....these will all be food pictures from dinner!


shrimp cocktail

flat iron steak & vegies

Our waiter had a sense of humor ~ this is the gator!

My sweethearts birthday cake!

pork tenderloin with jerk sauce

Our waiter Dante, leading the birthday song

frog legs

Will LOVED the frog legs!  Ribbit!

I was not impressed!  Probably would have been better fried!
The cruise illness is still lingering.  We've been to the dr., Greg got 2 prescriptions.  I got 2 shots & 2 prescriptions.  Argh...the asthma kicked in  and the wheezing has started.  Not fun!  I finally got some sleep last night when I pulled out the pres. cough meds.  Ahhhhh, sleep is wonderful!

Next pictures, will be the Senior pictures we took on the trip! 

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  1. I hate y'all are sick! But, wow! That food looks good! They plate it so beautifully, too. I'm with you on the frog - except maybe the friend part!


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