Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Day In Washington DC

Our day started early....really early....before the sun came up early!

We decided to take the bus from my sis in laws house to downtown ~ we needed to make sure we were there for our tour to start at 9.  We were slightly paranoid about the possibility of traffic, walking, etc. and we took the 5:40 bus ~ thats AM.  Yikes!

We got there with plenty of time to spare.  We ate our breakfast bars, fruit, and cheese sticks and guzzled down our drinks while waiting to enter at 8:30.  Ya have to eat everything or toss it!  Then we got through security and waited for our tour to start.

"Tom" was our tour guide and he was a fountain of information!  The tour was several hours long....my ears could have lasted a couple of more hours, my feet could not!  We got to go in a Congressional Hearing Room, a House "theater" (they showed the new Lincoln movie there to the senators and their wives before the movie was released, we walked down the hall that the Presidents walk down to take the Oath of Office,  got tons of details about backstage areas, statues, building materials etc.

Then lunch, the Botanical Gardens, and the Air/Space Museum.  It was a full long day and we had a great time with Sabrina & Charlie and Sarah & Billy.  Here are a few behind the scenes photos.....

a piece of the plane that hit the Pentagon ~ Tom was working there at the time and picked it up the night of 9-11

the exact center of Washington city

Charlie needed a nap after lunchtime

Will, Me, Greg, and Amy

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  1. sounds like a great time. I would need a nap too after all that walking.


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