Thursday, February 14, 2013

50 Gifts

When we started planning Gregs birthday bash ~ I thought of the idea of giving him 50 gifts for his 50th birthday.  Will, Amy and I started scouring/exploring/hunting for these gifts.  Mom got into the action and Allen & Jennifer contributed.
My original goal was to take them on the cruise ~ so they had to be relatively small.  And I wanted all 50 wrapped.  This was all accomplished on Friday, before we left for the cruise Sat.
However, these goodies took up an entire suitcase ~ so we "gifted" him on Friday night and held back a few things to give him on Monday (his actual birthday).  Here is the list, I probably won't remember everything.

2 little diecast green/yellow tractors for his collection at work
John Deere jigsaw puzzle
Monte Carlo racing puzzle
2 small jigsaw puzzle's
"Family" picture frame (for our new family pic from A & A wedding next month)
"Duck Commander" book on Kindle
2 small pocket multitools
drawing pencils
drawing pad
watercolor pad
Peanut M & M's
Sweet Tarts
Disney Bolo Paddle & Ball (for the kid in him)
a Hot Wheels Boat (he wanted a boat!)
a Hot Wheels pickup truck (we need a truck)
a 50's decade hot wheels car (its His decade now!)
Chocolate/marshmallow candy
chocolate/caramel candy
Ribbon type candy (to start his grandpa candy jar)
2 aspercream
bandaids (mac & cheese motif!)
Vicks vapor rub
label refills for his label maker
MSU bumper sticker
movie: The Treasure of the Sierra Madre
movie: The Hunt for Red October
Batman washcloth (we used to play batman as children)
"Uncle Si" t-shirt
a 3 drawer plastic box for his art supplies in the kitchen
his b'day cake on the cruise

 All that doesn't equal 50, so that means there is more that I have forgotten.

I gave him a card on his birthday with a "Gift Certificate" enclosed for 2 tickets to the Atlanta Motorspeedway for the races over Labor Day weekend ~ he likes to watch the races on tv (sometimes through his eyelids), and has never been to one.  So me thinking of this was a huge surprise for him.  Oh, the 2 tickets are for him & Will to go!  

We had fun finding everything.
He had fun opening 50 gifts!
And lots of the goodies did go on the cruise ~ but not all 50!

Amy picked this years official birthday hat!

most of the gifts had notes attached

he is reading notes

the birthday suitcase!

the Happy Almost Birthday boy!
Happy "late" birthday to my honey!  I hope you had a fantastic day!  I enjoyed spending it with you and cruisin' the Gulf of Mexico!

I love you!

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  1. That sounds like fun. When my husband turned 30 we did that for him too and my father-in-law and brother-in-law were visiting and they thought it would be fun to turn it into a scavenger hunt. It kept him busy for quite a while but it was a fun time for everybody.


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