Friday, December 21, 2012


The closer it gets to Dec. 25th ~
do people automatically forget how to...
park their cars?
push a cart through a store?
behave courteously?
watch where they are going?
 Just some things I was pondering today!

And another thing....
to take advantage of all the great deals designed to save me money ~ 
I need more money to buy the stuff to save the money!

Last night we surprised our little friend Ragen at her birthday dinner in "Mexico" as she calls El Portillo, a mexican restaurant.  Yummy dinner, good friends & chocolate chip cookie cake!

We had a nice morning out with 4 of our children ~
eating breakfast
shopping for birthday presents
taking advantage of a couple of deals at Michaels
and getting some goodies at Lowe's
Greg bought me a deep, single dish sink for my kitchen!
It will be great for all of our oversized roasters & pans.
And its something I have wanted for 2 years!

Our weather has gotten colder again ~ and the arthritis is acting up.
I am waiting for the Aleeve to start working!

And I got to cash in some Swagbucks and order the 2 Beverly Lewis books that Amy and I have been wanting....the Kindle version was $8.50 or so dollars on each ~ the paper version would have been $16 + dollars 1/2 price!
If you want more information on Swagbucks...please click on my button on the right sidebar~  We will both earn credit when you use this as your search engine on the computer.
This year I have earned 10 $5 amazon gift cards!
And they can be used for anything on Amazon ~ just like cash.
There are many other gift cards available also...this is just the one I always get!
Its FREE to join and download the toolbar!

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!


  1. I haven't been around blogland lately. We are ready for Christmas and now just sitting back and enjoying the relaxing time. I hope you all have a very blessed Christmas!!!

  2. I'm sorry to hear that your arthritis is acting fibromyalgia is doing the same!


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