Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Scheduled Simplicity

Hummmmm, thats a pretty catchy title.
And probably very confusing.

We have been/are trying to simplify our lives, our celebrations, our days.
But in doing so, sometimes days can just disappear into thin air and we've done nothing we wanted to during our school break.

So yesterday, we devised a plan ~ for this week.
Yesterday was laundry day, at lunch we finished watching Home Alone, and then started playing **"Blokus".  That game turned into a marathon with a dollar store chocolate run thrown in for good measure.  Then last night we started our "Its Not Greek To Me" lessons on video ~ now to learn the Greek alphabet and symbols.

Today is going to be making Chocolate Chip Cookies & watching another movie ~ maybe some sewing.

Wed. is cupcake baking & potato soup making for our Choir Party.  And whatever else we want to do.

Thursday is Gingerbread House Day ~ Granny bought the kids kits after the holidays last year & we bought more candy to add to the kits yesterday.  Amy is also making extra icing on Wed. for them to use on the houses on Thursday.

Friday is house cleaning & then Shopping Day.  We are hitting the craft stores, lunch out, and other stores for some fun.  And the JoAnns 3 day sale starts on Friday ~ not that I NEED anything but it sure is fun to go.

So why schedule these things?  These are a priority for us.  We want to make sure we get done what we wanted to.  I am sure we will be looking for some items to use in our fair crafts during all the sales everyone is having.  And starting to make some items and check them off our list.  The weather outside is wet, cold, and nasty ~ so there won't be any outside activities planned till that clears up.

**Blokus is a hugely fun board game!  All ages can play together and enjoy.  We honestly played about 9 or 10 games yesterday.  Laughed tons.  Amy started throwing around the phrase "world domination" and the battle was on.  We each won and there were lots of ties ~~~ and I do think she won more than Will and I.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I think scheduling simplicity makes sense. The more organized I get the easier it is to lead a simple life (though I think that could go overboard and I would miss the things that just happen - but I was needing some organization.)

    We like Blokus too.


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