Monday, December 10, 2012

Its a New Week

Our busy church weekend is completed.  We had a 2+ hour choir rehersal on Sat. afternoon. Sang in the Sunday morning service.  And had our holiday performance last night.  Everything went well & we had a wonderful time worshiping our Lord through song with our friends. 

And we are bushed!  It was a fun but tiring time.  I am very glad we are having our Dec. school break right now.  Thursday was our last day until Jan.  We've got some crafting to do, good food to cook, a few parties to attend, some holiday movies to watch that we've recorded, and 3 sons with birthdays. 

The weather has been mild and wet for the last several weeks.  This morning, we woke up to a thunderstorm and the temps will be dropping all day.  Tonight will be around 30 degrees.  This will be quite a change from our nights in the 50's.

Back to menu planning.....

Sunday night ~ we let Little Ceasars cook our dinner & Amy made us mini chocolate pies for dessert
Monday night ~ roast, onions, carrots (in the crockpot), rice & gravy
Tuesday night ~ Chicken enchilada's, refried beans, rice
Wed. night ~ choir get together at church ~ several of us decided to do different soups, mine is Potato Soup
Thursday night ~ Zatarains Chicken Alfredo
Friday night ~ Hot Dogs, Hashbrowns, & baked beans
Sat. night ~ maybe we can have a date night!  Amy will be at a ballet performance with friends & Will is attending the youth holiday party.
Sunday night ~ we are celebrating James' 29th birthday ~ he's requested Pork loin (Greg is going to cook it in his new greaseless turkey fryer), baked potatoes, a vegie, & dessert!

Hope everyone has an awesome week!


  1. What is a greaseless turkey fryer? Happy birthday James.

  2. Hi Michelle,

    The turkey fryer uses infared heat to cook it. No oil! We have looked at them before and Lowe's had them marked down (end of the season sale) so we bought one. We have a regular turkey fryer too, and the cost of oil is prohibitive in using it much. I think on Thanksgiving we used 2 1/2 gallons for the 2 turkeys. And when putting them in, the oil bubbled up over the pot, ran down and made a huge mess ~ thankfully in the yard. Thanks for James birthday wishes ~ I will tell him!


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