Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our Simple Holiday

We've been taking it easy this holiday season!
We've bought and consumed lots of chocolate ~ indulged in Amy's cupcake creations ~ did a little shopping ~ went into Walmart yesterday just because...it was fun to watch the goofy last minute shoppers, like they forgot there was a celebration day coming up! ~ bought some Uno cards & played many hands ~ were jolted awake at 6:45 this morning by a bolt of lightning hitting very close, so close it knocked picture frames off the wall ~ yesterday went to McAllisters for lunch & Greg cooked dinner ~ James cooked breakfast ~ Greg cooked lunch, shrimp & grits (Donna hasn't cooked since breakfast yesterday!) ~ went bowling on Sunday using our Groupon deal...and they let James bowl for free (our coupon was for 4) and they let us finish our 2nd game even though our time was up ~ worked on cross stitch ~ played many games of Flow on the kindle ~ started playing words with friends on the Kindle ~ started reading an Amish book (The Fiddler by Beverly Lewis is really, really good) ~ won a game of Blokus ~ talked to Katie & Robert yesterday ~  found out Greg's cousin and his wife are having a baby girl ~ talked to family ~ downloaded some free machine embroidery designs to the computer ~ been on FB some ~ Greg & Will installed a new deep, single dish kitchen sink for me & Amy ~ listened to rain...lots and lots of rain here in Miss. ~ crocheted some Granny squares ~ and ate more chocolate!

Hope everyone is having a great Family Day!

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