Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Church Dinner

Tonight is our annual Wed. before christmas Church Fellowship meal.  Basically, its a potluck meal on steriods! 

Our directions from the Pastor are "clean out the freezer & serve all the leftovers".  So, Sunday, we cleaned out the freezer ~ set stuff in the fridge to thaw & tossed stuff that didn't need to be kept.  In the tossing pile were crumbs...formerly cookies, expired hot dog & hamburger buns left from a cookout in the spring, a ziploc bag full of a pizza blob, etc.

So tonight for dinner we are rewarming, preparing, putting out ~ Ham (left from thanksgiving meal), rice & gravy, spaghetti (sauce left from Sept. meal), chicken strips (don't know where they came from but someone put them in the church freezer and we were told to use them), sweet potatoes, and rolls.  Quite an eclectic assortment.  We had chicken strips and spaghetti on the tables last year too and the children loved them ~ it was something familiar and comforting to the little ones. 

Everyone else that attends will be bringing side dishes, homemade desserts, breads, etc.  Amy made cupcakes to take for the dessert table.

Greg will be involved in an all day meeting and can't leave until 3 or after.  So this one is up to me, Amy & Will.  We are taking my turkey roaster and large crockpot to help with the warming/keeping warm.  We've got to fix all the drinks ~ tea ~ sweet & unsweet,  koolaid or lemonade, and water.  We've got to make sure all is thawed, then set to warm in the roaster, crockpot, or chafing dishes, cook spaghetti noodles, cook the chicken strips.  In between times, we will be cleaning out the fridge.  Folks have dinners/get togethers at the church and stuff gets stuck in the fridge and forgotten.  Once a month or so, we try to purge the expired stuff and get rid of the little bits that are in there.

Update ~ Bryant is much better and has been released from the hospital.  His platelet count jumped up to 78,000 since Sat. ~ and even though that still 1/2 of normal, its not as critical or dangerous as before.  I don't know what will be the next step.
Amy Kate's mom is having more tests on Thurs. ~ please be praying as these test results are needed to know how to proceed and exactly what they are dealing with.

James' birthday was celebrated~
Allens fiancee Jennifer celebrated her birthday yesterday too ~ in the bed with a tummy bug (yuck)
Rob & Andy are on Sat.!

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