Wednesday, November 7, 2012



22.  Food
store bought, homegrown, canned, frozen, fresh, boxed, dried, on my shelves food!

23.  Modern Kitchen Appliances
wheat grinder, dishwasher, oven, microwave, mixers, food processor, etc.  They make our jobs as homemakers easier and quicker.

24.  The Availability of Recipes
we've got our "go to" favorites, new ones to try, and lots of sites out there offering new ones.
Amy & I are now searching for copycat recipes from restaurants!

25.  Modesty
Women & Men
If your clothes should cover it...then let them do their job.  It doesn't have to be turtlenecks and floor length skirts ~ but most clothing today should have a could have a couple of more yards of material strategically placed.  We notice and appreciate modestly dress folks of any age.

26. My Upbringing
As children/teens my sister and I were corrected, spanked, taken to church, expected to tell the truth, taught to respect our elders, LOVED by our parents, expected to get good grades in school, taken out for special occasions, given some fun family vacations.  We knew what was expected of us and what would happen if we didn't obey/measure up/toe the line, etc.  We didn't always appreciate it ~ I certainly did not live in the house that all the others talked about...."well, Donna's parents let her do it, why can't I", but I am sure on more than one occasion I wondered why others got to do things that I didn't.  My mom is one of my best friends~  and I would love to have more talks with my Daddy...that reunion will be sweet in heaven!

27.  My Grandmothers
We were blessed with some crafty grandmothers.  My Mama cooked, sewed, and could crochet circles around anyone.  She loved her family, God, and the Atlanta Braves!  My Grandma was a good cook and loved to quilt.  We are very blessed to have such a great heritage of these Godly women who invested in our lives.  Both are reaping their Heavenly reward now.

28.  Creativity
There is an explosion of information, ideas, patterns, etc. on the internet.  I am thankful to be able to accomplish some of these crafts and have friends who can teach/guide/instruct me how to do the ones I want to learn.   I want to learn more crochet techniques and how to tat.  I've taken classes or been shown how to sew, quilt, smock, embroider, cross stitch, and crochet And have been able to pass some of that information on to others.

29.  Our Keepers At Home girls group
In a world that looks down upon being a keeper at home, a housewife, an at home mom ~ its fun to be in a group with other girls and moms that have the same goals for their girls as I do for mine.  We laugh, learn, pray, and have fun together.  We learn new skills, exchange ideas, work on fair projects, and encourage each other and our daughters.  This is also a great point to put in a big thank you to a blog reader, Deb.  Deb. sent me a bag full of Keepers Achievement Pens...Amy has gone through the pens to get out the ones she has earned & we will be passing some on to the girls in the group.  Thanks DEB!

30.  Music
I love it!  Mostly all kinds (no heavy metal).  As a teenager I was in our highschool chorus, in youth choir at church, and loved to attend concerts.  Now my preferences are contemporary Christian, hymns, country, and 40's-70's music.  I prefer music that I can understand the words and lyrics with no cussing.  We are in our churchs christmas music program at church and are enjoying all the practice, camaraderie, and working on something to bring glory to God. 

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