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Friday, November 2, 2012

More Cross Stitch Freebies from Pinterest

I admit it....I am addicted to finding freebie cross stitch charts on Pinterest.
And some of these gals obviously don't have a life....or time to stitch.  Many have over 2000 pins and I've seen a few over 3000 pins.  Now there are some duplicates on there but I figure she just forgot what she had.  And, yes, we are using some of them.  We've printed off and stitched 6 of our 260+ finds.  And have several more printed off waiting for needle and thread.
We've found some that we put on the board just because they made us laugh.
And I am amazed at the people who take the time to stitch these pictures that contain cursing ~ that doesn't make any sense to me ~ and its just tacky!
I've pinned stuff for others to get from me...several patterns for Amy Lynn, Amy Kate, and some of our Keepers friends!  There are so many patterns available for free that I could potentially never have to buy another one ~ just heavily invest in printer ink.....but I've asked Greg not to hold me to that!

Amy Lynn is "into" owls, so we've got lots of different ones. She is doing one in cross stitch and I did the same one in needlepoint.  Lots of these we are personalizing the colors.  If AL has a choice they will be bright.  Here are some new finds from the last week.

And did I mention they were FREE?  Pretty frugal idea option...except for the printer ink!

welcome heart chart 

colored pencil alphabet~this would be so cute for a babies room with his/her name!
This would be so cute spelling out a baby's name in a nursery!  Or a classroom teachers name at school! / Фото #16 - Кухня, посуда - lutarcik~ don't have a clue what this says but I love the pattern!
I love Kitchy stuff!

:) this made us laugh out loud!
This one made us laugh out loud!

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