Monday, November 5, 2012


During this month of Thankfulness...
I am going to re-start counting my blessings...
This list will be random, not in any particular order, important to me, & heartfelt.  Some listings will be long and some will be short.  All will be mine!!!!!

1.  My Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ
HE paid the ultimate price of HIS life for HIS children.
I am forever thankful, grateful, humbled, "in awe", of HIS example, HIS sacrifice, HIS saving grace, HIS word, HIS love.

2.  The Bible ~ God's Holy Word
Everything we need for daily life is contained in the Bible.
We've got many different translations ~ some we held onto for sentimental reasons.
The New King James is my favorite "sit down & read" translation.  But I also compare some passages to other versions.  Any questions....we go to the Literal Translation...which is the translation from the original language to English (before it got cleaned up and made grammatically correct by scholars)

3.  Our Pastor
Bro. Jeff preaches the Word.  From the Word.
He is easy to understand, doesn't talk down to his congregation, and doesn't sugar coat the truth.

4.  My Husband, Greg
I am always thankful for his provision, his love, his generosity, his creativity, his handyman skills, his willingness to try new things, his love for our children, his fun times, his surprises, his hugs, his Faith, his leading us, his encouragement, and so many more attributes.  I never want to take for granted his presence in my life.  I love our life together!

5.  Our Children, James, Andy, Rob, Allen, Katie, Will & Amy
They are all talented, beautiful, loving, Christian young men and women.

6.  Our new son, Bryant
He is a hardworking young, Christian man who is taking good care of our Katie & our grandbaby,Robert.

7.  Our newest little love, Robert
Being a grandparent is Awesome!  I love each and every minute of our time with this little blessing!  Yep, even the dirty diaper times!  He is a joy to us and we pray for him daily.

8.  Our soon to be daughters, Amy Kate & Jennifer
We love you for who you are and for loving our sons, Andy & Allen!  We are excited about adding to the girl members of our "Jackson/McDaniel" mafia!

9.  Our parents
We wouldn't be who we are without y'all!  We love you and pray the Lords richest blessings on your lives.  Thanks for loving your grandchildren & praying for them!  Thanks for bringing us up in Christian homes and taking us to church.  Thanks for loving us, praying for us, guiding us, providing for us, and providing us with great childhoods. 

10.  Our siblings
Greg & I each have a sister!  Brenda & Sabrina
We love y'all!  

11.  Our Home 
The Lord has provided us with a warm, snug, cozy, home to call our own (well, us & the bank)
We love to be home with each other and any children that are here.   We like having a large enough kitchen to cook, homeschool and share in.  We like long nights together over jigsaw puzzles, crafting, sharing warm meals, or watching a tv show.  

More thankfulness to come!


  1. oops! Guess I shouldn't type first thing in the morning....I will renumber!

  2. I am thankful for a wonderful brother and sister in law and their big beautiful family.

  3. Aw shucks! We love y'all too! (Bri and I are the reason y'all are what you are--wahaha!)
    Love, Brenda


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