Friday, November 9, 2012


36. Honesty
I am thankful when people tell the truth!  Its simple really!

37.  Forgiveness
We have been forgiven much in this life by our Creator & Lord.
But we had to seek His forgiveness ~ admit our wrong doing & turn from our wicked ways.
We should all seek forgiveness from  those we have wronged/hurt.

38 Work Ethic
I am thankful for men/women who display a good, solid, steady, dependable work ethic. Getting up everyday, working hard, earning a paycheck, caring for your family are all important ~ our children have a good example in their Daddy's work ethic!  And I appreciate all his efforts for our family.

39.  Thank You's
I am thankful when someone says "thank you".  Have you ever given a gift and gotten nothing in return?  Its especially awkward when you are face to face and the person just puts down the gift and never says thank you, oh how nice, or anything.

40.  Blessings
The Lord blesses us daily.  And all blessings aren't material things.  A gorgeous sunset, an unexpected phone call, email with pictures, nice words on facebook, a hug.  We are blessed by reading Gods word, by hearing a powerful sermon, by fellowshipping with other believers, by listening to beautiful music, by watching our children have fun together.  None of those involve money ~ but the Lord does bless us materially also and we are forever thankful, grateful, and humbled by His provisions in our lives.

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  1. There is so much in life to be thankful for. Each day I wake up to a wonderful life.


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