Thursday, November 22, 2012


My Family

Greg, my wonderful husband

James, our oldest son

Andy, our #2 son

Rob, our #3 son (he and Andy are twins)

Allen, #4 son

Will, #5 son

Bryant, #6 son (Katie's husband)

Katie, #1 daughter

Amy Lynn, #2 daughter

Amy Kate, Andy's fiance ~ almost daughter

Jennifer, Allen's fiance ~ almost daughter

Robert, #1 grandson

We had an awesome day today

Dinner was turkey, dressing, gravy, ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, green beans, black eyed peas.
Watched the Dallas/Washington football game.
Desserts galore ~ pumpkin, pecan, & lemon pies, chocolate/caramel cupcakes.

Lots of baby love ~ some new toys to share with Robert.  The hit was his little stuffed pig that Granny gave him....he LOVES that pig ~ especially putting its snout in his mouth. He likes his ball toy too that we gave him.
The dogs weren't too sure about him but we made friends, Chip was the most inquisitive and like licking Roberts toes & fingers (don't freak out....we had wipes handy to clean up the puppy germs off the baby!)

Tomorrow we are going to a couple of stores after breakfast. Then home for more playtime.

All the girls are crafting some for Amy/Andy's wedding.  There has been a card table set up in my living room for tablespace for the baskets of ribbons, ric racks, and trims.  Now the Amy's and Katie are upstairs in Amy's room watching Disney movies and more crafting!

The rest of us are watching James Bond~

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

Only TWO things would have made this day better....

Allen & Jennifer being here.  I missed them!

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