Monday, October 15, 2012

Simple Fun

Last weekend was simple & fun.
We drove to St. Louis & visited with Katie, Bryant, & Robert.
We got to see and tour a house they have put a bid on.
Greg got to offer little tidbits of house advice here and there.
We ate lunch out, went to the woodcraft store, Michaels (never been in a 2 story Michaels mega store ~ lots of girlie fun walking around with my 2 girls), and Whole Foods.
And there was lots of....
Grandboy Fun ~

playing with Grandpa!

Grandma's feeding me a bottle cause Mommy went to take her Algebra midterm!

His onesie says...Grandmas Little Peanut!

Bryant, Robert & Katie in front of the house!

Grandpa was showing Robert the climbing tree!

Grandma is giving me a bath...and I really liked the warm water!


  1. I love the photo of Grandpa showing him the climbing tree! How adorable :)


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