Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Our Week ~ so far!

Things have been remarkably calm this week ~ which is a blessing after the busy chaos of the last 2 weeks.

  On Sat., we were able to work outside for several hours...we got the bushes on the corner obliterated (yeah!), 1/2 the yard cut & edged, bushes in front of the house trimmed, and lots of branches chipped and the mulch spread.  We were so grimy when we got done.  Even though it was only 2:30, I decided to shower and put on my comfy night clothes.  Then everyone else decided that was a great idea.  So the rest of the afternoon/evening was very relaxed, comfortable, and cozy.

Sunday we woke up to lots of rain and much cooler temperatures.  The weather outside feels awesome!  Its time for fall.  We had a great morning of study & worship at church then home for lunch.  Amy & I prepared our side dish and dessert contribution for the Mens Meeting at church for Sunday night and then we left our guys at home and went to a baby shower for a friend at church.  The guys had their meeting & then everyone was home for the night.  While they were gone, Amy & I watched "Bye Bye Birdie" off our Amazon account.  I hadn't seen that movie in years!  But still remembered alot of the music because we did it as a play with our choral group in high school!

Monday & Tuesday, we got our school work completed.  Got some kidney beans cooked/canned.  Finished a birthday quilt for a little friend.  Started another birthday quilt.  Am working on/studying/contemplating a "weighted quilt" for a friend whose son has Aspbergers Syndrome.  She found the quilt online (& recommended by her dr.) and they are quite expensive ~ $150 + for the size she needs.  We can make it for much to get up the courage to start this!  It doesn't look too hard, its just something new.

We had a lovely, long, chatty lunch yesterday at Chick Fil A with some homeschool friends!  I love being able to use my cfa coupons...yesterdays lunch cost $1.98 for 3 of us ~ highly affordable.  This morning, we are going to pick up our first Chicken order from Zaycon ~ 40 pounds.  Then I need to buy some quart jars because some of the chicken will be canned, the rest frozen.  Dinner out tonight before church with the Tapleys ~ the Daddy's in both families are busy with work.  And tomorrow morning, we are hitting the Mississippi State Fair grounds to check on all our entries, hopefully see lots of blue ribbons, & Amy and Will are looking forward to their once a year deep fried candy bar!

We are loving the Fall weather, night falling earlier, leaves falling from trees, more relaxed crafting time, sweet fellowship at church, special hugs from friends, warm dinners from the crock pot, free books on Kindle, free ideas on pinterest, and time to be together!

Looking forward to doing our first craft fair this weekend!  Smocked dresses, crocheted dish cloths, toy stuffed owls!  Should be fun.  And looking forward to our visit with Katie, Bryant, and Robert next weekend!  We are going to meander through Arkansas on our way to St. Louis, looking at the Lords autumn splashes of color!

More tomorrow, after we go to the fair!

(good thing I checked my Zaycon receipt ~ the delivery date is next wed. not today! Maybe today was the last day to order and thats why it stuck in my head)


  1. Hi Donna--
    I just was interested in your weighted are you going to weight it? I work with kiddos with Autism, and was wondering how it would work. I've heard of using a car blanket--cause they are already heavy as an inside, but wasn't sure if there was another way.

  2. Sarah, The mom I was making this for found a weighted blanket link online that told how to do it. But the "weights" are little plastic pellets she ordered from Amazon. I will take pictures and try to post step by step when I do it ~ probably on Friday or Monday. The fabric is all cotton, the back is a broadcloth type fabric, and the front is flannel.


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