Monday, October 1, 2012

Mission Completed

Our 2012 Fair Projects Mission is completed~ whew!  We cut that one a little too close.  Got to the fairgrounds at 2:15 and they stopped taking entries at 5.  I have grand plans to be more organized next year, but I had those same plans for this year too.  I did have 2 handquilted entries ~ a table runner and a wall hanging ~ that I got the binding on Friday morning.  Greg framed, and attached hangers and wires to the back of our cross stitch projects on Thursday night.  It took hours to write out all the tags and do the inventory sheets...thats where I want to streamline for next year ~ just have to figure out how.

I will say, this was the most "enjoyable" drop off I have ever experienced.  And, I had the lady that usually, in my experience, is less than accommodating.  I did try really hard to get all the labels correctly affixed and the inventory sheet in order (mostly) ~ for all 4 of us.  They were appreciative of that fact.  She did have a few words of advice for me on different items, things I didn't know.  It was nice to hear that they liked the items I entered.  They were complimentary to Will on everything. And Amy's lady, who checked her in, was thrilled with her entries.  I do like it when the kids have a good experience, it encourages them for next year!

Over all, we entered well over 100 items between the 4 of us.  And yes, we are still crafting.  Greg spent  Sat. evening and yesterday after church painting his Walter Anderson prints from the museum on the coast.  I started cross stitching on a picture that I put down many months ago ~ to work on baby gifts and fair entries.  Amy found a cute owl picture to cross stitch.  And I've got to find a project for Will to work on.  Since the last 2 days have been rainy, its easy to sit and work on these goodies!

I may try labeling as we finish crafting this year and see if that makes the job any easier ~ and then pray they don't change any of the class or entry numbers with the new fair book.  Its really kinda of "unfair" that the fair book doesn't come out for the current year until the beginning of Sept.  It does put the rush onto the last minute.

There are crafts that I won't worry about for next year.  I just don't enjoy them and it makes the crafting seem more like work.  And there are a couple that I want to add to my entries next year...we didn't get needlepunch embroidery done, I want to do a crewel embroidery (have a bid on ebay for a small kit), and I would like to learn tatting.  My favorite things to do are cross stitch, hand embroidery, machine emb., smocking, and the quilting categories.  I had fun doing the stained glass with Greg and want to do that again.  And also, the wood working categories.

And, what do we do with all the stuff when we get it back...some is gifts, some if for our home, some is for Amy's hopechest, some for Will's future home (I don't guess boys have a hopechest...he has a box!), and some small items go in our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

Thurs. morning, we will hit the fairgrounds to check on all the entries, see which got award ribbons and take lots of pictures.  Its fun to see everyones projects, get inspiration/ideas for next year, and fellowship with our friends.  This is one homeschool field trip that I look forward to every year!

Happy crafting!


  1. So glad you got everything entered. You are all so accomplished! I'm sure you've already thought of this suggestion, but one thing I take with me is a package of return address labels. These make it so much easier to fill out the "name and address" portion of our tags and forms. Just peel and stick.

  2. I do too Kathleen! Its a great way to use up those freebies that come in the mail!

  3. Sounds like a lot of work, but fun. Can't wait to hear about ribbons! Hope you all win some!

  4. We struggle with the same problem of getting all of our entries ready to go with the final tags and everything (We have to write out a little description, how we made it, what we used etc. for many of our entries) and my goal is always to be a little more organized next year. What I do have in mind to do is to work on our fair entry list and make the tags to go with each entry as we make our projects throughout the year. Some of the projects we would use before taking but I could still have a safe place for the list and the tags and also for anything that we made specifically to take to the fair. It would streamline things greatly!


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