Monday, October 8, 2012

Busy Weekend

We had a great....but busy weekend.

Friday night, we got everything ready and packed for the craft fair near our home.  Amy & I labeled and priced crocheted dishcloths, hand scrub, watermelon jelly, quilted kindle cases, and smocked dresses.  Will got us the popup tent, a long table, and the clothes rack to hang the dresses on.

Sat. morning dawned way too early for me and we headed to the church to set up.  The morning also dawned damp, windy & very cool (fall decided to really head to Miss. early this year!).  We got everything set up and the guys headed out to buy us some breakfast, after bringing it to us, they headed to Kroger.  The Meat Managers case was stocked, so Greg go some good bargains on meat for our meals that day & to put in our freezer!

Did I mention it was cool, damp and windy.....we were freezing!  We both ended up with jackets on, covered our legs with an extra tablecloth we had and then our boys brought us quilts ~ yes, we were that cold!  When the wind died down, it was much better ~ but the wind didn't die down often.

Overall, we had a good experience selling.  The watermelon jelly was the big seller of the day, it also helped that I had an open jar on a tray with crackers and spoons for tasting the jelly.  I took 12 jars to sell and only came home with 3.  We also sold some crocheted dishcloths and handscrub.  But no dresses...they will be put in our Etsy Shop this week ~~ the name of our shop is Mississippi Peaches.

Sat. evening, Andy and Amy came by to visit and eat dinner on their way back up to the college.  Greg cooked us Gumbo and had his first attempt at making Crab Rangoon.  They were both good, we need to work on the crab rangoon.  All the filling floated out of the wonton wrappers as they were frying ~ which infused the oil with a good flavor but that wasn't what we were hoping for.  And, we watched football.

Sunday was busy with church activities all day.  After worship we decided to head to Sams Club to buy what we needed for the Wed. night church dinner, we are cooking for.  After buying all those goodies, we headed home for the kids to change clothes and then back to the church.  Amy & some gals she did Street Reach with this summer, went to shop for a family they ministered too in Memphis. (The mom has 5 or 6 kids, and our youth rolled newspapers for a local news. office to earn money to buy these children clothes and shoes)  Will, Greg and I, unloaded the car, cleaned out the church refrigerator, sorted our Wed. night stuff, and then worked in the food pantry.  Will headed out to play football with some youth guys from our church.  Then we all had choir practice for the Christmas music we are doing the beginning of Dec.

After being gone all day, Amy & I cooked an easy dinner of Zatarains Steak Stroganoff (used ground beef) and we had a relaxing evening watching "Amazing Race".  Our puppies were excited to be let in the warm house and finding laps to snuggle into.

This will be a busy week with dance classes, getting our chicken order from Zaycon, canning or freezing the chicken, and cooking for the church...........then we are off to St. Louis to visit our family up there.  This Grandma and Grandpa need some Robert loving time!

(Oh, I've started on the weighted blanket ~ I'll have pictures soon.  The little pellets & sewing machine needles don't like each other!)

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