Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why Am I Doing This?

Yesterday, last  night, and this morning ~ I've been contemplating Fair Projects.  Both the completed ones and the ones yet to start or finish.  And I am wondering "why am I doing this"?  Or at least, why am I doing projects that I don't even like...just to have another completed project?

I love the sewing, crochet, smocking, quilting, wreath making, decoupage, painting wood, etc. Sewing covers cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, clothing, toys, etc)  I love helping Amy and Will complete projects.  But there are some projects that I have done this year and in years past that I only do once a year and thats just to fill that category in the book.  No one will know but me and the fair officials if I have the most projects in the fair or only 1 project.

Honestly, I do like seeing blue ribbons on my projects.  They are things I love doing and the ribbons are a validation that they are done well (I do wish with white or red ribbons ~ they explained what was wrong with the project that knocked it down in the judging).  Each of these ribbons earns a set amount of $$ and that is a great incentive.  Last year, my check went to help with our Disney trip ~ this year it will go to help celebrate Greg's 50th birthday in Jan.  I can see Will & Amy's confidence levels increase with each learned skill and completed project.

I've decided that I can go through life without ever doing the following crafts again.....and really not miss them ~~~~~  quilling, paper snipping, metal art, string art, and  paper mache.  Some of these are already completed for this year and will be entered.  But its not likely a priority for next year or after.

I've decided to stick with what I love, concentrate on those things, and do them to the best of my ability.

And what brought on all these thoughts?  Sitting at my embroidery machine yesterday, looking at designs, and watching projects stitch out.  Seeing my quilt in the frame waiting for some attention, looking at my patterns for clothes for Amy, seeing toy projects I would like to make for Robert, thinking about shower/wedding gifts for our 2 new daughter in laws, projects that I would like to make for sale at the craft fair we are doing in Oct.

Happy Crafting ~ I am ready to get back to sewing!


  1. It is good to enjoy what you do! And to concentrate on what you love - Happy sewing to you!

  2. I would have to agree with you on the string art and paper snipping! Of course, almost all the things I am entering this year are crocheted. I am entering a decoupage and hopefully I will find time to do a quilled project, but I really enjoy that, so it is fun for me.

    As far as the lessons for fair projects, I want LB to learn to finish what she starts ... I think that will be our focus next year!


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