Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Last Night

Yesterday, I decided to "try" crockpot Lasagna again.  The first attempt was 6 or more years ago, and not successful.  But, we are busy with fair projects and school...wanted lasagna for dinner, so I was willing to try again.

First of all, I didn't have the wide lasagna noodles so I decided to use curly noodles.  Amy emphatically assured me, that this was NOT ok with her ~~~ it just wouldn't taste the same, you can't substitute noodles (I ignored her advice).

I got all my layers in the crockpot, turned it on, and let it cook for the day.  I do love the fact that once the crockpot is on, dinner is cooking itself, and I don't have to stand over it.

Now, we get to dinnertime..... here is the conversation

Greg ~ what are we having
Me ~ crockpot lasagna
Greg ~ when we tried that before, we decided to never to it again
Amy ~ I told her that and she didn't listen to me
Me ~ We are trying it again
Will ~ not a word...probably thinking lets say the blessing and eat.

Blessing from Greg ~ Father, thank you for this food...I'm sure it will be good (insert laughter) Amen

NOTE:  when you cook lasagna in the crockpot it does not stay in layers like in the pan in the oven.  The layers sort of meld, mesh, squish together.

Greg ~ this is good, lets keep this recipe
Amy ~ I still like the lasagna noodles better and it cooked in the oven
Will ~ nothing...ate 2 large plates full, just like his Dad!!!!!

My family is "special" and some days it shows more than others.  Can't wait to see the reaction to tonights Crock Pot Red Beans & Rice.

Found this on pinterest and everytime I read it, I laugh.......its so true (and could become reality for my "picky" family)
Oh Pinterest!

(This is truly what happened last night,  I didn't change any names to protect the guilty!)

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