Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun Friday

Its been a fun Friday ~ for someone who likes to accomplish chores and have a free afternoon.
Fridays are home ec days at our house.  This morning we got the sheets on all the beds changed, washed, and dried.  All the clothes to be ironed from the laundry this week, were ironed this morning.  The bathrooms were cleaned.  The carpets were vacuumed and the wood floor in the living room "dusted".

The we worked on some fair projects and did some reading.

Afterwards, off to lunch at McDonalds ~ its cheap!  And to buy some goodies at Walmart.

When we got home, Amy hooked up our laptop to the TV and we all watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".  Its awesome that we can watch movies through Amazon prime on our tv.  I really wanted to watch "State Fair" or the original "Yours, Mine & Ours" but they weren't  free ~ you had to rent them.  Since I bought some books this week for my Kindle, I didn't need to spend any $$ on movies today.

When Greg got home he indulged my wish to learn how to do stained glass.  He learned how years ago and still had all the supplies.  This is a category in the fair and I don't think I've seen one entered before.  My piece is a stained glass quilt square in white, green, orange, and yellow. It isn't perfect...but neither are my quilt squares!!! Now Amy wants to make one, so Greg will be busy this weekend.

Amy is fixing our dinner and then we are watching a movie of Gregs choice on Amazon.

Lots to do this weekend!  Tomorrow morning is our date morning.  And we've got 2 parties back to back to attend in the afternoon/evening.  Sunday is church & Youth Choir rehersal.

Hope everyone has a fantastic, fun, family weekend!

Pictures next week of some projects!

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