Friday, August 3, 2012

Street Reach

Missions work comes in all shapes & sizes.  It can be done ANYWHERE.  It can cost nothing or 1000's of dollars.  It can happen locally, through your church, community, county, state, nation or abroad.  It can be packing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child, buying food for a food bank/pantry, buying school supplies for under priviledged children, buying a hamburger for a homeless person, giving money to a family in need, or going and serving wherever the Lord calls you to serve.  As Christians, we are called to serve others,  to be "the hands & feet of Jesus", to witness & share.  Sometimes it involves comfy air conditioning and many times it involves getting sweaty, dirty, and down right uncomfortable.  Our youth were way out of their comfort zones last week.  They walked through neighborhoods inviting children to VBS, played games, did crafts, listened to Bible stories & sung songs.  Every afternoon they had different ministry projects for the community ~ played Bingo at a retirement home, cut 9 lawns in one afternoon, cleaned the host church and more.

They had an awesome week!  It was fun to be there Friday morning and witness what they had been doing all week.  I even got to help Amy with her craft station for a little while. And its evidenced in most of the pictures ~ these children just wanted to be loved, held, played with, paid attention too.

They did not want to leave.  And they are ready to go back.  Next summer may not come quite fast enough for them!

I am thankful for our church to have a group of young people that want to serve, get out of their comfortable environment, and serve the Lord in such a special way.


  1. As I have witnessed since I've known you, your family loves their country, their community, and the people of this world. Children learn by example but most importantly by putting their hands to work. Amy and Will are learning the walk of Christ. There isn't anything better we could show or teach our kids.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful example - my kids watch yours!!

  2. That is wonderful you have so many youth in your church that is willing to serve others!


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