Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy National Chick Fil A support day!!!!!

Its ultimately not about what WE think is right or wrong Or how WE humans define sin.  What matters is what the Lord God who created all of us thinks and one day we will all stand in His courtroom under His judgement (whether you believe in Him or not).  Anything we do which goes against the Lord, against His rules/commandments, against His leadership, against His counsel is a sin.  We are human and we all sin.  As a Christian, I  try to live a lifestyle pleasing to the Lord.  We try to guard our hearts, our minds, and our eyes from unwholesome images, books, speeches & even Pastors who preach their opinion & not the Bible (there are plenty out there.).  The choices I make in life are either pleasing or displeasing to the Lord. One difference in my sins and many others sins/sinners is I am not publically declaring my sin, asking/demanding rights to justify my sin, spewing hate speech publically, or producing items that promote or advertise my sin and offering them for sale.

If you follow the bunny trail back to the original interview that Dan Cathy (CEO of Chickfila) gave to the Baptist Paper ~ he stated that he personally held the opinion that marriage was between one man & one woman.  This is the Biblical, stated many times in Scripture, opinion.

All of the protesters, hate speech makers, people crying in the streets or on FB about his discrimination need to know the facts.  Our own views whether for or against his statements reflect our own hearts.  Honestly, if you don't like what he said, your "beef" isn't with him its with the Lord.  Mr Cathy was affirming the traditional, Christian view of marriage.  Christians have fallen into the "we have to be tolerant of everyone camp" & "we can't say anything against whatever because we may hurt someones feelings".  Me not saying anything doesn't make it right, its still a sin.  And, why are we intolerant when we voice our opinions and exercise our Freedom of Speech?  Freedom of Speech covers every American citizen not just the ones you agree with.

Our family has signed the petitions saying we will be eating at Chick Fil A...along with almost 600,000 others.  Our homeschool group is meeting up there for a back to school bash.

Genesis 1:27 & 28
So God created many in His own image; in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.  28 Then God blessed them, and God said to them, "Be fruitful & multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over ever living thing that moves on the earth." NKJV

We believe in the Biblical view of marriage between one man & one woman.

And we support Chick Fil A for the stand they took.

And as the cows say "Eat Mor Chikin".

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  1. As a freind of mine posted on FB- Yesterday I voted (GA primary) and today I supported my Freedom of Speech at Chick fil A! As I told her, sometimes it's tough being an American! I ENJOYED my Peach milkshake. I went to the one in front of Mall of GA and even at 3:35 the drive thru line was wrapped around the building and the wait inside for food was 10 mins. The one at Pike St. by the hospital was a ZOO (more than usual) cars were backed up to 316 and every other direction! I love it!!!!! Brenda


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