Friday, June 22, 2012

Busy Day

We will be up at the church all morning...helping to get ready for a 50th anniversary party for a couple at church!  Its my little buddy Ragen's great grandparents celebration.

We've got tables and chairs to set up, fruit and vegies to cut for serving tomorrow, and a quilt to finish clipping.  Pictures tomorrow after 4!

My 3 friends that were in the pic, yesterday clipping, are the same 3 friends that gave 2 days of their busy fall to help with Katie's wedding.  In fact, not only did they help...they did the whole reception ~ set up, serving, and clean up ~~~~ they are awesome and I am indebted to them! 

These are pics from Katie's wedding photographer and I can't figure out how to resize they are big.
L-R its me, Rosana, Angel, Angela and Rosana's daughter Emmalyn
Love you Girls!



  1. These special ladies are good people and good friends.
    I hope the reception is a huge success for this special couple.

  2. Granny......That special couple would be Mr. Charles and Mrs. Charlotte (the ones you left the parking space open for :)

  3. Psst, Angel...I think she was talking in code!


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