Thursday, June 21, 2012


Several months ago, Amy turned 16.
We waited to have her party until this last Saturday.
What could be better than eating chocolate and swimming with friends on a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning?

Oreo cupcakes by Amy ~ she found the recipe on the internet, we loved the cupcakes, the icing needs some work.

ready for our guests

seeing the chocolate Miss Angel put in the basket!

Girly bath stuff from the Beasleys!

new "noodle" chair for the pool from us

Lauren, Vida Jo, Amy, Emmalyn, Ragen, Kaytee Beth & Sarah

Just found what could be better than just chocolate & swimming....3 precious friends helping me clip a rag quilt!

As we were clipping, one of these ladies commented this was like an old fashioned quilting bee ~ all working together to accomplish a task!  I love it!  And I love my friends!

Thanks for helping us celebrate Amy's 16th birthday ~ a tad late.

And for those who are wondering what the boys were doing....they were with the youth boys and men at our church pelting each other with paintballs for the day. 


  1. Looks like everyone had a good time. I made a rag quilt. It's a lot of work to clip them. I would of love to have help. It makes it go so much faster.

  2. Hey Donna,
    All the girls seem to be wearing similar Modest Wear swim suits. Did ya'll buy them locally? If yes, where? I would like to buy my girls similar swim suits but every website I have visited, they wanted a good bit of money for them.
    I think it would be fun to have a quilting bee. Will there be any in the Keepers meetings?

  3. Becky, All the little girls have t shirts on over their suits. Amy and Emmalynn have on swim shirts and gym type shorts over their suits. I got Amy's shirt and shorts at Walmart and she wears them over a regular suit.

  4. Hi:) I enjoy reading your blog now and then...but have never commented....Just wanted to say the cupcakes look lovely!!! :) Amy's hair is adorable, too :)

  5. Thanks Alison! For both compliments! Hope you come back soon!


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