Monday, May 7, 2012

This Weeks Garden Pictures!

Our first tomatoes!  Yippee!

Bell Peppers for relish and pizza's

Lotsa squash blossoms

Not quite ripe peaches

Gardenia from Greg's grandmothers yard

Knee High by May 5th just sounds funny...we beat the 4th of July by 2 months!

potatoes growing in an old wagon

huge lantana ~ this is one plant thats about 6 feet wide!

fledgling blueberry ~ I bought it 2 new friends today!

1 of 2 attic fans Greg & Will installed this weekend


See the baby green bean?  I am thrilled with these heirloom seeds from Bakers Creek!

another daylily

potatoes growing in our leaf compost bin

Our favorite "ool" sign, got it at a Jeff Foxworthy store in Charleston, SC

Coke puzzle we put together, hanging on the backporch

Hydrangea decided to bloom this year

Greg's Grandaddy's plow & hostas
We are thrilled and thankful for the garden progress this year.  All the plants look very promising and we are looking forward to a bountiful harvest.  Our temps are in the 90's and I understand the pool temp is already "just fine Mom" and "the waters not cold anymore".

I ordered lots of my seeds from and we've been please with the germination ~ they would have done a whole lot better except Oreo decided to practice his digging skills.  So we've started some over and wrapped our raised bed boxes in chicken wire...everything is doing alot better without Oreo's assistance!

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  1. Wow! Your peaches look so yummy! Ours are just quarter sized.

  2. Your garden is looking great! I agree with you on Baker Creek seeds - I actually did an experiment this year where I compared germination rates for their sweet pepper seeds against a couple of other sources and Baker beat them all. I just got back from their Spring Planting Festival that was held over the weekend and what a great time we had! I'll be posting some pics tomorrow if you're interested - I'd love to have you stop by!


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