Friday, May 4, 2012

Farmgirl Friday

Pictures of from our little Homestead in the City.....

This basket of sweet potatoes turned into....
***Disclaimer ~ I didn't grow these sweet potatoes, sorry to mislead anyone.  I bought them at an awesome sale and canned them to last months in my pantry. 
these jars of sweet potatoes!  Yummy, orange goodness!

our peach tree is collapsing under the weight of peaches ~ we supported the branches yesterday

the green bean patch is thriving

new tile table top by Greg & Will

LOVE the floral tiles as accents ~ now to grout the tiles, then its done!
 The following are finished smocked dresses, the first 2 will be entries into the State Fair this year!
I love getting projects completed!  Now to tackle the rest of the "to-do" list, my "want to do's" usually outnumber my "time to do"s".  But lots of hand work can get done in the car during some of our summer travels to family!  6-7 hours to GA, 13+ hours to VA, 8 hours to St. Louis!

I used bumblebee buttons for this jumper!  And there are little bee buttons on the smocking also.
Our little twin friends turned 2 years old in April!  Birthday gifts for beautiful girls!

We are looking forward to a full weekend with lots of projects.  The boys will be replacing an attic/roof fan, and adding 2 more to the attic/gable area.  

We are taking apart our trampoline and giving it to the Tapley children.  They are thrilled and ready for the "jumpaline" to live at their house ~ they are pretty much the only ones that jump on it anyway!  The grass is already non-existent in that part of the yard, so I think it will be the perfect spot for more garden area!  

I'm also thinking about my sister and my friends in Atlanta who are attending an awesome Homeschool convention.  I know they will go home renewed and inspired for their next school year & loaded down with new books & goodies!   Last year was fantastic with Ken Ham (Answers in Genesis), Voddie Bauchum, and Kevin Swanson (Generations with a Vision) as the speakers.  And its always fun to reconnect with folks, see what they are using for curriculum, drool over the new goodies, and enjoy great family time!  There is a downfall to attending ~ the temptations to buy lots is there, the line between needs and wants becomes very confused & blurry, OK there really aren't too many downfalls!  Its great to see whole families walking around together, having a great time in each others company, contemplating the directions of their own homeschools. 

Happy Weekend everyone!

And in the words of my Greg "May the 4th be with you!  Happy Star Wars Day"

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  1. Hello Mississippi Mama! I found your blog via the Farmgirl Blog Hop! Those sweet potatoes look fabulous! We've never had good luck at growing them, and only grow regular old white and gold potatoes! You've almost made me want to give it another try!! Love all your homemade goodies...I'm premiering our Farm Fresh Friday Blog Hop today,I hope you'll stop by and consider joining some time!!

  2. Hey thanks for getting fresh with us!!:)

  3. Everything looks wonderful! I am going to get my garden planted today! I am a couple weeks behind but that's alright. We have plenty of summer left! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Okay Donna, even though you may not have grown the sweet potatoes, I'm still proud of you for canning so many quarts and growing peaches and...
    You are a great inspiration to me!

  5. The canned sweet potatoes look yummy. The green beans look fantastic and I love the new table top. Pretty. I wish I had your peach problem. Lol. Thanks for sharing and for linking up to Farmgirl Friday. Have a great weekend.

  6. I love those smocked dresses you made! They are all so cute!!! How blessed you are to have a good crop of peaches! It looks like we are going to have a good crop of blueberries this year. :) YUM!


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