Monday, May 21, 2012

Stone Mountain part 2

Lemon Face Bobby

Amy eating sweet potato fries ~

Thanks for the passes Aunt Janet!

The climbers waiting in line!

Jennifer & Allen ~ got the harnesses on, ready to go!




Love this!  Bobby needed a little helping hand & Allen was ready to help!
 Some of the steps to the platforms were a little too far apart for Bobby's 6 year old legs.  Bobby was a little trooper and made it through 2 of the 3 ropes courses. 
Brenda, Allen, Jennifer, Bobby, Will

Greg & I ~ love this picture Amy took of us!
Amy, Granny, Greg and I were the "ground crew" for all the climbers.  Amy and I were able to walk up the stairs to take pictures of our daredevils~  it was a fun day.  Lots of laughter, pictures, etc.  Thanks family for the fun time!  And a huge thank you to my Aunt for the attraction passes!


  1. Looks like the daredevils all had a great time! I don't think I would attempt that one!

  2. Yes, we have been able to make lots of great family memories on our trips to Stone Mountain, over the years. Thank you, Aunt Janet, we love you (not just for your passes-but because you are You!)Love, Brenda, Ben, Bethany and Bobby

  3. Is being the groundcrew just another expression for too chicken to do the course? I guess somebody had to take pictures and hold the purses and other stuff. Mom

  4. No Mom...ground crew translates into too smart to do the course! Putting on a harness to climb on some ropes and then come back down and remove doesn't look like fun nor does it make sense to me! However, I did document the others for prosperity!


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