Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Day at Stone Mountain part 1

Allen & !

3 of the 7 blessings!  Amy, Allen, Me, & Will

3 + blessings ~ Allens girlfriend Jennifer
My sister Brenda, Mom and I

Carving on Stone Mountain ~ taken while riding the skylift to the top

Al & Jennifer

Bobby looking at the skyline of Atlanta with a little boost from sister Bethany

What a polite boy scout!  Helping Granny over the uneven surfaces.

Our own "School" group!

Jennifer, Allen, Ben, Bethany, Bobby, Brenda, Amy, Will

Bobby & Bethany looking for shrimp in the shallow pool on top of mtn.  ~ and they found one!

cutesy couple!
Daredevil Monkey
this one too!

lots of fun on the ropes course

Brenda had to join the fun!

What a good sport Jennifer was.  At one point she yelled to Amy "you can't catch me if you are taking pictures!"

Allen & Bobby

Hi Granny!
Blogger isn't letting me upload all the pictures at once.  You would think it would be used to my picture uploading by now.  So, more later........


  1. Looks like everyone is having a great time. Looking forward to new pictures.

  2. What a great looking family having fun at Stone Mtn. Park today. The best looking one is the old bat sitting on the bench.

  3. Oh, what fun, fun, fun! Nothing like family vacations no matter how old "the kids" are. :-)

    Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

  4. How fun! It looks like a wonderful time! Have a blessed weekend ~

  5. Hey, that "old bat" is my mommy! But I guess you knew that since you wrote it! Thanks for the great week Mom! Can't wait till you are here with us the beginning of June.

  6. GREAT photos :)
    I just found your blog over at Sister Tami's Blog :) Nice to meet you..


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