Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sunday Family Pictures

After church on Easter Sunday, my sister and her family came over for dinner, an egg hunt, and pictures.....lots of pictures!

nephew Ben is catching up in height to Aunt Donna ~ he will pass me soon!

The "baby cousin" Amy prayed for ~ Bethany!

back ~ my sister Brenda, Billy, Brian Front~ Bobby, Bethany, Ben & brother in law Doug

long hair

girlie goofiness

Greggie & I

Greg and I, Amy & Will

Amy & Ben trying to get the eggs! 

our little "bundle of energy" Bobby


we found an egg!

Basket Boy tried to abscond eggs ~ Bobby did discover the pocketed treats

Happy Birthday to Mom!  Now to get the gift quilted!

Cousins ~ Will, Billy, Allen, Amy, Brian, Ben, Bethany, Bobby ~ we are missing Rob, Andy, James & Katie!

Al & Jennifer

another cute pic

Love that boy!

Wow ~ little sis is gaining on Al and she is proud of it!
Granny's birthday cake baked by Amy ~ Sunflower "peeps" Cake!
It was a great day.  Lots of fun, fellowship, pictures, oodles of candy, yummy birthday cake, and we ended the day by watching the movie "War Horse".  Its GOOD!  There are a few words but not too many!  Great weekend .... thanks for taking us to GA, Greg!


  1. Those are some cute pictures! I really like the first one of Allen and Jennifer.
    ~Katie Lynn

  2. We've bought a little time, Ben got a haircut, so now we've gained about a 1/4 inch on him (for now)
    We should have gotten a video of the girls being silly,the giggling completed the whole thing. I never thought to do that. Oh well.. Brenda

  3. Love the photo;s I liked the one where they going for the eggs!!


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