Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Canning Carrots & Garden Update

We made a trip into Rest. Depot in Atlanta before we left town on Monday ~
we bought carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, split peas, tomato sauce, ground beef, pork loins, and frozen shrimp!

The vegetables will be either canned or dehydrated.  I started with the carrots ~ so far I've canned 16 quarts, 7 pints, and 7 half pints.  Plus I've got the dehydrator going and have got 8 trays drying carrots ~ these will be good rehydrated and used in soups or stews.  My hands are orangey tinted.  Oh, if you're trying to figure out how many carrots that is ~ its 50 pounds.  And I am not finished yet, just ran out of "steam".  

Here are some pictures of the carrots & updates of the garden pictures!

Carrots to make Bugs Bunny jealous!

1st 12 quarts

full dehydrator ~ I've already emptied and refilled 3 shelves

my experiment crop ~ haha, more carrots!

green beans with their new fence

right now the fence is Oreo proof!

Greg has dubbed this end of the yard ~ Jackson Vineyards! 


2nd ripe strawberry!

healthy tomato plant

corn plants

more like a pool, less like a pond

pretty pink rose

bush full of blueberries

Amy's gecko

heirloom tomato seedlings ~ ready for bigger pots!
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  1. Hi Donna,
    Your plants are looking fantastic. I am really enjoying your carrot preservation numbers. 50 lbs so far, wow!!! How can you tell when the carrots are done dehydrating? Do they have to be hard as a rock? I pinned your strawberry tower, it's awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So jealous of your garden - still to cold at night to get ours going yet. Things look great, and you deserve a long massage after processing all those carrots!
    Found you on My Simple Country Living - would love to have you over for a visit!

  3. They are looking nice Donna, I love your little plants, still to cold yet here for us to plant them./

  4. Everything looks great! I really hope I get the chance to can some carrots this year. I love them for soups and to add to roasts! YUM :)

  5. I'm curious about your shopping at Restaraunt Depot. I would love to go there. We have one locally, but their website states that you can only shop there with proof that you're a licensed re-seller (like that you own a restaurant). Is yours different?

  6. Thanks everyone! We have a business license, so we can get into Rest. Depot. Officially our business is catering ~ we do church dinners for our church. We would eventually like to branch out but haven't figured all that out yet.


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