Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Happenings

Here is what is going on around our home on a rainy Thursday! 
seedlings ~ tall ones on the right are cucumbers

Amy's sunflower seedlings

The cement "pond" needs lots of work

Pea vines growing in our barrel

the grid didn't deter the doggie long, we will have to come up with an alternative

tomato plant

What bored doggies do on rainy days ~ tear apart pillows!

laundry waiting to be done

puzzle in the making

our new "toy"

full rain barrel ~ tucked behind a bush in the front of the house

happy hydrangea

just completed smocking for Sara ~ now onto Ragens dress
We've been keeping very busy around here.  The springtime brings lots of new outdoor activities.  We are praying all the rain from yesterday and today, is washing away the pollen tree mess.  Its certainly cleaned up the air and the pollen dusting everywhere.  It would be nice to get the pool cleaned and it stay that way!

Hope everyone has a wonderfully, productive day or a cozy, lazy day ~~~~ whichever you choose.  I think ours will be a mix of both!


  1. Lots of things happening! I love the idea with the peas coming out of the bin, and your smocking looks so clever!!

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of good things happening in your world! Be blessed!

  3. I love the the seedlings coming up, goona try into lots of food later!


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