Saturday, February 11, 2012

Our Weekend

At 6:15 Friday morning, I got THE call.....I am being released from the hospital, come and pick me up!  Thank you Lord!  Greg feels better, but has zero energy ~ right now, its not hard to keep him resting.  We don't know when he will be able to go back to work, so I told him this was a trial retirement period with no to-do list!  He will have to go back in 4-8 wks (don't remember when they said) to have a lung assessment test, to make sure they are functioning normally.  We are all so thankful to have him home!

Lots of visiting and good times today.  Katie & Bryant got here last night to visit for the weekend. Since we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving weekend ~ this has been great.  Baby Olive is growing in Katie and hopefully on Wed. we will know if Olive is a boy or girl.  Will and Bryant "sat" with Greg while us girls went shopping for Katie's birthday.  We found some cute maternity clothes at Kohl's and Penney's.  Of course we also looked at all the baby clearance racks, hopefully by Thursday, we can take advantage of some of the cutesy clothes.  Our church was doing a movie night tonight showing "Courageous" so Bryant, Katie, Will and Amy went up there.  Mom and I have been cleaning in the kitchen and Greg is catching up on his home improvement shows that he recorded. 

Sleeping in our own bed last night was so comfortable!  Especially for Greg.  Hospitals are not the most comfy places to get lots of rest.  He's been a whole day and a 1/2 with noone taking his blood pressure or his temperature or sticking him for blood.  He was beginning to look like a pincushion. 

I think everyone is headed back home tomorrow.  Mom is leaving in the morning.  Katie and Bryant will drive home after church and lunch. 

Praying for safe travel for everyone!

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  1. They say that home is the best place to get well. Lots of love and rest. Best wishes on a quick recovery


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