Friday, January 13, 2012

Our week

School is going great!  This week in Zoology we've started our Bird Study.  I've been giving them research assignments on different topics and letting them "report" back to me on their findings.  We always learn some inteesting facts and it helps the study that they are assigned different things to research so we cover twice as much in the same amount of time.  They also did sketches of a falcon & a toucan to add to their notebooks.  Math was focused on interest & loans, etc.  With a lot of Dave Ramsey advice thrown in for good measure.  Yesterday, we watched a video on "The Crusades" for World History ~ very interesting and I learned alot I didn't know or remember, if I knew it previously.

We've got book reading going on lots ~ great activity for rainy or really cold, windy days. 

I finally got my fridge back from the repair shop.  Supposedly, it didn't defrost/refreeze on its own the month they had it in the shop "watching" it.  They brought it back on Wed. ~ Wed. night it thawed, Thursday night it refroze, Friday morning thawed again.  We decided to ditch this model and get a new one.  Lowe's just delivered and installed it this morning.  So Amy, Will and I have unpacked the loaner, rearranged the original fridge, unpacked it, and repacked & arranged the new one.  I am thrilled to have an appliance that will be dependable and I won't lose any more food.

We are headed out to do errands soon and a trip to Kroger is on the agenda.  Gotta replace the milk, cheese, etc. that we had to toss after the thaw. 

3 of our puppies will be going to live at their new homes on Tuesday.  Oreo (Amy's favorite since the moment he was born) will be living with us.  We've decided we are not good candidates to keep the doggy breeding business going.....we want to keep them all. We will be taking medical measures to insure no more litters.  So yes, our dogs will be Mack, Hershey, Skittles, Licorice, Chip and Oreo.  Oreo is the biggest puppy in the litter and I think he will be as big as Chip.  Oreo has learned how to scale the walls of the laundry basket and fling his chubby body over the side.  He's a cutie and they all love to be held and played with.  We know both the adopting families so we will be able to see Velvet, Sugar Plum and Jackson (skunk) "grow up".  Chip & Licorice will have to get used to having a new playmate ~ right now they are scared of Oreo, which is really funny to watch.

We've got a wonderful 3 day weekend to anticipate.  Greg will be off work Monday for Robert E. Lee's birthday.  Then he works Tues. and Wed. and then Thursday we are driving to GA ~ spend a couple of days with Mom & get to see Allen & Jennifer.  Then 3 of us are flying to Honduras for our Mission Trip ~ so excited!  Its so fun to watch God work in the lives of the team and the people they are ministering too!

Happy Friday!


  1. Could you video Oreo climbing out of the basket and C&L's reaction to him? PLEASE?! I'm glad you get an extra day with Daddy! :)

    I pray that you three have a safe and edifying trip to Honduras, and that it won't be too rough. I love you!

    Katie Lynn

  2. Amy and I talked about doing the video last hopefully we will get it soon. This morning, he wasn't in the basket with the other babies...he was asleep in Hershey's kennel with her!

  3. When my daughter was 10, she became interested in backyard birdwatching and really got serious about. She checked out books at the library and listened to their calls on the internet. She was teaching US! :) We loved homeschooling!
    Oh...there's nothing as fun as having puppies around!! I couldn't be a breeder either because I'd cry every time one had to go.
    Have a safe trip here to GA visiting your family and also praying you have a safe trip to Honduras.

  4. Have fun on your trip and have a safe trip.

  5. Delia and Shelby used to birdwatch. I haven't thought about that idea for Izzy - thanks!

    I'm coming to see your new fridge when you get back. I've invited myself over - but it's been so long!!

  6. Hey Rie, you may be onto something...maybe I could have a fridge open house and folks could bring stuff to fill it! Ahhhhhh, the possibilities!

  7. how exciting to go on a mission trip!! and by the way- i love your pets' names!


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