Wednesday, January 25, 2012

honduras day-5

We've walked our feet off today. Its been the hottest day so far. Is the

This trip has been different in several aspects..
First is the smells - I have never noticed a sewage smell before, but there are parts of the town that the whiffs are very strong.

Second is the bugs. I have got several really bad bites. Traveling with a medical team has its advantages. Dr. Angela looked at one on my leg this morning and told me to put bensdryl cream on it. Tonight when she looked at it, she advised starting an antibiotics in the morning...we have to find the box its stored in at the church.

Third is I have prayed for months that I could do this trip for God, and not get in His way. Tonight for dinner, we had cooked for 50, but only 16 of our team showed up for dinner. There was a local Pastors meeting at the church-not only were we able to feed them, but a bus driver, his son, several guys that just happened by, our friend Mario and his 3 daughters. The Lord knew who needed to eat tonight.

Fourth, I have been taken completely out of my comfort zone with new challenges. Coming down here alone, working in the pharmacy, having 15 hour days, and being bait for every woman eating vampire bug have been difficult. However looking back on the last 5 days, I can see the blessings already.

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  1. Bless your heart, Donna! I pray that God will continually show you His blessings for the work you all are doing in His Name. I pray also that at least one soul (more would be better)be saved while you are there. May God protect you all!


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