Thursday, January 26, 2012

day 6

Day 6 is done. You know its really hot when the Hodurans are complaining.

This morning after the team left, Greg and I hit the streets with Bibles and scrambled egg biscuit sandwiches. We went into a business where they make uniforms for businesses and men's suits...all on treadle machines. We handed out our goodies and they told us they are all Christians. A couple of folks took bibles for spouses or friends.

Then we went to the fabric store and I got a couple of more pieces. Greg gave the owner a Bible and he thanked Greg multiple times. We were looking for some parts to fix the stove for the church - that guy found his taxi driving buddy to drive us all over town looking for these parts. He went Into each store with us to explain in Spanish what we needed. We found two of the parts. Then he took us back to the fabric guy to report on the excursion, this ride and help cost us about $2. He got a Bible too.

We had some team birthdays to celebrate today, so we went to a great bakery for a cake. It was yummy a beautifully decorated. I will post pictures next week when I can download them.

After dinner, ad sent the team out with plates of food to give away. Its always fun to bless folks that really need it.

I will have the totals for everything next week, but right now I know of over 100 professions of faith and about 400. Bibles distributed.

We are thankful for the great, productive week. Tomorrow after breakfast is our relaxation day! We are looking forward to some fun!

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  1. Sounds like a great work is being done! Praise the Lord!


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