Thursday, December 22, 2011

Names of Jesus

Name ~ Emmanuel/Immanuel
References ~ Isaiah 7:14-8:8; Matthew 1:23
Related Titles ~ Only Begotten Son (John1:18)
Meaning ~ Jesus is God with us
Insights ~ Jesus was born on earth a real human being.

Name ~ King of Kings
Reference ~ Revelations 17:14
Related Titles ~ King, King of Israel, King of the Jews, Lord or Lords. Master, Prince, Ruler, Sovereign (Matthew 21:5, John 1:49, Matthew 2:2, Revelation 9:16, Luke 8:24, Daniel 9:25, 1Timothy 6:15)
Meaning ~ Jesus is king over all.
Insights ~ Christ is the king over all kings and rulers.  As subjects in His kingdom, we owe Him our complete allegiance.

Name ~ Lord of Lords
Reference ~ Revelation 19:16, 1Timothy 6:15
Related Titles ~ Lord (Phillipians 2:11, plus all titles under King of Kings)
Meaning ~ Jesus is Lord
Insights ~ Jesus is Lord over all!  He has this title by right as the Son of God and the Creator of the Universe.  It is also a title he "earned" by His humble work of becoming human in order to redeem us through His death.
Name ~ Messiah
Reference ~ Daniel 9:25, John 1:41;4:25
Related Titles ~ Christ, Anointed One (Matthew 1:16, Psalm 2:12)
Meaning ~ Jesus is Messiah.
Insights ~ Messiah is the Hebrew word, translated into Greek, as Christ.  Both words mean  "Anointed One" (one especially appointed by God for His plan and purpose).

The above is taken from Rose Publishings Names of Jesus chart. 

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