Tuesday, December 20, 2011


For Today..

Outside my window...cloudy, cool, looks like a normal Christmas in Miss.
I am thinking...How imperfect we are and how perfect God is

I am thankful for...my Bible

From the kitchen...breakfast & dinner at home, lunch at Sams while we shop for the churchs fellowship meal tomorrow night

From the learning rooms...Christmas break

I am wearing...night clothes
I am creating...working on a cross stitch picture, doing some machine embroidery, cutting out some baby things from flannel to embroider and then sew

I am going...to enjoy time with my family

I am reading..."The Substitute Guest" by Grace Livingston Hill, working on the last 8 books of the Old Testament

I am praying...for salvation for family members

I am hearing...a sermon on Sermon Audio, doors opening & closing, cars driving

Around the house...enjoying our 2 week old puppies ~ their eyes are opening, crafts, some yard cleanup during good weather, enjoying our quiet, simple Christmas

One of my favorite things...festive holiday music

A few plans for the rest of the week...church dinner, birthday for our twins #24, Gregs days off, worshiping the Lord on Sunday, sewing, games, yummy treats

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  1. I've been loving some festive holiday music as well!

  2. This was a great Daybook! Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing home during this holiday season. Doing the things you like, being with the family you love! What could be better!? Merry Christmas to you and yours!


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