Thursday, December 8, 2011

Last Day of School

Today is our last day of school till Jan. 2!  We are finishing our 9th Math Unit and now only have 3 more to go ~ then I've got to find another Math to keep them busy till May.  I'll be working on that throughout Dec. and Jan.  We are learning lots of neat facts in Zoology and our Ancient History.  Both are Bible based, so we are getting accurate, God honoring information.  Its quite amazing to study the Creation the Lord has given us and to study History from a Biblical, church perspective.  We learn new facts everyday.

We bought the Proverbs study guides from Kevin Swanson and enjoy using them everyday.  He has broken down the scriptures 3-4 or so at a time and we are studying each section.  Then discussing and praying.  They are written for families and include excellent discussion questions at the end of each section.  I think we are in the 10th chapter of Proverbs right now.  We got to meet Kevin at the Atlanta homeschool conference last May, and he autographed one of my books.  Its great to be able to sit in conference sessions & listen to speakers you've followed on the radio or through books.

A huge advantage of homeschooling is making your own schedule ~ our is typically school every month but June, July & December.  We will finish our school year sometime in May and then will start the next year in August.  I works great for us and we like knowing when we will be putting the books away for a while.

We've got puppies to play with, visits to enjoy, church to attend, family to spend time with, and our Lord to worship.  We've also got good food to eat, cross stitch and quilting to work on, books to read, and movies to watch.  Its going to be a fun, family filled, Christ focused rest of the month~

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