Thursday, December 8, 2011

Grandbaby #1

So for some insurance mumbo-jumbo paperwork, Katie had to go to the dr. so that she could be officially told she is pregnant.  And its official, she is (duh).

Her due date is July 3.
Now, July 2nd would be neat since thats the 1 yr. anniversary since they got engaged.

Or July 4th ~ everyone could celebrate little "Olive" 's birthday nationwide.
I figured since it could be the 4th I needed to help with names...

For boys I came up with...

For girls...

Really, so many possibilities!
I haven't even gotten started on middle names!

I'm thinking a red/white/blue baby quilt could be on the sewing agenda!

Now matter what day Olive is born or what his/her name will be, this baby will be loved, prayed for, cuddled, and cherished!


  1. Or July 5th... One of Olive's aunt's birthdays :)

    ~Katie Lynn

  2. I must say, I am hoping for the 5th! It would be so fun to share a b-day with a niece or nephew ;)

  3. Don't forget Patrick, Nathan, Daniel, Molly, Nancy (Hart- Hart Co)or Washington - Wash...there were lots of those in the 1800's who's daddy's were patriots!

    Hey, there's always Lafayette, DeKalb, Frances, Marion, "Lighthorse", but let's not go there!

    So glad it's official,,,,I was SO worried, ha,ha! Oh, June 28th is Ben's birthday!

  4. Rie might not be patriotic, but it's a nice name. Don't you think? :)

  5. Hey, I know - wait for it - Jedidiah.

    but only if Olive is a boy.


  6. Wonderful suggestions! I knew Jedidiah would come in there somewhere...And Rie is a nice name, I will have to scour my history books to see if it qualifies.

  7. Marie- Maria, form of Mary- Definitely in the history books- just keep looking!

    But if they wanted to name the baby after Katie's adopted 'Cash' adopted ancestors from the Colonial/Revolutionary Era, there's: Howard, Mark, Stephen, Morris, William, Jesse, Daniel, Zachariah, Robert, Charles, Bartlett, Rufus, Peter, Joseph, Eldridge, Elbert, Nelson, Reuben, Thomas,and... Powhatten!...yes, really- just discovered that one!
    On the girl's side, Elizabeth, Mary, Annish, Jemima, Tabitha, Sarah, Nancy, Sally, Kesiah, Susannah, Hannah, Ruth, Bethany!!!! (she married in 1789), Jane, Lucinda, & Lucy, Lydia,Fanny, Joannah, Polly, Amanda, and.... Peachy!! (she could be just peachy!)

    Does that give her enough choices? Surely there are names that would be in all the family trees!!!
    and they have lots of trees to check out!

    Olive could be twins and be named Peachy and Powhatten, Peter and Polly, Oliver and Olivine?

    All I know is that Katie does NOT want to wait until Brian's birthday, July 31!!! No Way!

    The above silliness was compliments of Aunt Brenda

  8. Congratulations on the new "grandbaby". Nothing more exciting than the anticipation! Why is the baby referred to as "Olive?" Have I missed something on the blog?
    In Christian Love,
    Grandma to many!!!!

  9. No, no one has missed anything. Olive is a name that Greg thought of the morning after we found out about the pregnancy ~ so when he prays, he has a name to pray for! They will probably find out sometime in Feb/Mar if its a boy or girl.

  10. and you are going to be the best grandmama in the world! What a lucky little one!


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