Monday, December 5, 2011

Do You Know Him Better?

Do You Know Him Better

The group "This Hope" sang at a Christmas Program our family was involved with last year.  They are a wonderful, upbeat, energetic group of men.  Their accapella music is beautiful.  The following song is from their Christmas "album".  Its asks a very important question...Do You Know HIM Better than you did last year?

Words and Music by Daniel Johnston & This Hope

I can’t believe it’s December
Another year has slipped away
It seems like I was taking down
This tree just yesterday
Another busy, frantic season
All my presents bought and paid
Am I closer to the reason
That we celebrate this day

Do you know Him better than you did last year
Is your song a little brighter filled with Christmas cheer
When you hear joy to the world does it make you want to sing
Does your heart so love to celebrate the season
Are you walking talking captivated with the reason
Singing glory in the highest its Christmas time again

Finally sitting by the fire
Thinking back on what has been
My life begs the question
What is lasting in the end
Has my purpose been to serve Him
To share His gift with all my friends
Will I know and love Him better
When Christmas comes again

When the celebration of His birth has come and gone
Let us live our lives to know Him all year long
Listen Closely to the spirit He is calling us again
To daily find that quiet place and spend some time with him
Something to think about.  Do WE know HIM better than we did last year? 
 Have we read and studied His word, prayed to Him and asked for knowledge,
 has our love for Him grown & matured any over the last year,
 do we meditate on the Lord and His goodness and mercy, have we shared
 His gospel with anyone in the last year, have we faithfully served him,
 supported His ministries, or encouraged anyone to know Him on a deeper,
more intimate level?
Lots of questions, but really only 2 answers ~ Yes or No.
  No one can answer the questions for you ~ honestly answer the questions
 for yourself, your life, and your family.

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  1. YES! It has been an incredible year of revelation! It is amazing how Hie reveals himself to us. Yes! I am sharing with those I meet and trying very hard to reflect Jesus in everything I say and do. (not always easy but I am trying). Thanks for the wonderful song!


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