Tuesday, December 6, 2011



 For today...

Outside my window....cloudy, cold, drizzly looking

I am thinking...about our fun sticker, bead, icing, candy, paper, rubber stamp, foamy figures, leather crafting filled "Keepers At Home" Holiday crafts yesterday ~ and how much fun everyone had (including the Moms)

I am thankful for..."The Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we beheld His glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth." John 1:14

In the kitchen...the appliance folks are coming to bring me a loaner fridge and take mine into the shop ~ no one can figure out why the freezer 1/2 defrosts and then refreezes on it own.  But has been going on for over 3 weeks.  They are going to plug it in there and observe.

From the learning rooms...finishing up our school for the rest of Dec.  We normally take the whole month off but we are going an extra week since we took off and went to Disney in Oct.  2 hours later update...seems we will be witnessing the miracle of birth (s) today as our Chihuahua is in labor ~ puts science on a whole new level!
Another update ~ 4 puppies ~ 2 girls, 2 boys

I am wearing...clothes

I am creating...some coasters for Amy's hopechest.  Last night I finished my crocheted ruffly scarf for a gift.  Haven't touched the afghan all week.

I am going...to have fun this weekend when Mom comes to visit ~ shopping, yummy food, choir programs, church on Sunday, and a birthday party for my little buddy on Sat.
I am reading...just finished "Brentwood" by Grace Livingston Hill and "A Love That Multiplies" by Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar.  Last night my Vision Forum Box came with new books Mom got me, so I have lots to read ~ excited to read the West Ladies "Homestead Blessings" cookbook!

I am praying...for the Lord to continue revealing the truths of His Word.
I am hearing...cars driving up & down the road, dogs barking, dishes being unloaded from dishwasher

Around the house...crafting, organizing, putting away ~ why do all those "piles" look like they belong there after a while?
One of my favorite things...being home

A few plans for the rest of the week...dance lesson for Amy, bible study tomorrow night at church, Mom's visit and all the fun stuff already listed

a Picture to share...

I love the colored yarn on this scarf!  This was an easy pattern and I really like the way it turned out!  

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  1. You are right ... it was a great day at Keepers ... so much fun!

    I love the scarf, too. I have made a couple of them and now am working on a small version for a little girl at church.

    I saw a lady at the processing center in Atlanta who had made a bag full of scarves and brought them with her as filler items for the boxes. I thought that was a good idea, too.

    Great daybook ... I think I need to go do one myself, now!


  2. I used to do Keepers at Home with my daughters when they were younger. Good memories!

    The Word became flesh--always worthy of our thanks. Always.

    Good luck to your chihuahua!!!

    Thanks for sharing your Daybook.

  3. Oh, Lisa above is one of my favorite people I do not know!!

    Puppies, puppies, puppies! 101, maybe?

    Thanks for planning yesterday, I had such a good time being back!

    Love you, Rie

  4. I got my box from Vision Forum last night too! I have more than enough reading material for a long time. I got the Excellent Wife w/ study guide! Looking forward to that after the first of the year. That is a really cute scarf and I love the bright colors! Good to visit you today although I am later than usual.


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