Thursday, September 1, 2011

Planning, Crafting, Schooling, Living

We've been busy little bees at home....

Still wedding planning.  Its in 1 month.  Everything is coming together.  Its taken lots & lots of time.  We've stayed on or under budget on almost every item.  This month will be concentrating on getting the food for the reception at the best prices.  Between Kroger, Sams, and Restaurant Depot, we should be set.  The last 8 weeks of my life have been centered on the wedding.  Yes, you can plan a wedding and pull it off in 12 weeks ~ we are doing it!  And best of all, Katie likes everything ~ and thats what is important.

Lots of crafting going on!  This is "crunch" month for getting our stuff ready for the State Fair.  We've crafted all year, and still coming up with ideas for projects to enter this year.  The more we enter the more $$$ we make and ribbons we win.  Its really fun...and I know that after we drop off our entries for this year, I will think of many more things for next year. 

We are also doing lots of canning.  We've made raspberry jelly and peach jelly & canned 7 pints of peaches this week.  We can enter all in the fair!  Will is even in the kitchen stirring, so he can put jars in too!  We've got strawberries to make into jelly and more peas to can.  Hopefully I will get more green beans this weekend.  I was blessed with free jars this year from friends, so we are filling them up.

School is plugging right along.  The mornings are full of Proverbs, math, spanish, typing, ancient bible history, and some biology.  The Proverbs study guide from Kevin Swanson is really good.  We are reading and discussing each lesson & the Lord is continuing to teach us His wisdom.  In our Bible history video we learned about Daniel and his life.  It was so interesting that we rewatched parts of it today mainly so that I could copy down the timeline.  We all learned something new....Daniel was about 16 years old when he was captured in about 609 BC, most likely Shadrach, Mesach, & Abednego were captured with him.  In 605 BC, Daniel interprets the Kings dream, and in 539 BC he interprets the writing on the wall.  Also, in 539 he is thrown into the Lion's Den.  I had always thought he was a young man (20's) when he went into the Lion's Den, but it was much much later in his life, he might have been as old as 82 ish. 

We are also figuring out life after the wedding ~ there is one!  We've just been concentrating on the day, but we do have to think about the next weeks, months, etc.  Our children are growing up and unfortunately, some are moving away.  I like independent, working, productive young adults.  But I would like them to be independent, working and productive closer to home.  A Mom can wish and pray!

We are still praying about our family traditions ~ what is ok to keep and what is pagan in nature and should be disposed of.  This is not easy.  But we are wading through these murky waters together and praying for lots of guidance. 

I am ready for the 3 day weekend.  Its also our 6 year anniversary!  I love you Greg!


  1. Happy anniversary - late! Computer down most of this week, will work for an hour at the most before something happens. Hopefully my Gregg will fix it this weekend.

    You go girl on those fair projects! We are right there with you.



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