Saturday, September 3, 2011

6 great Years

Greg and I have now been married for 6 wonderful years.

These 6 years have brought many changes....

*Amy, Allen & I moved to Miss. in the middle of a disaster ~ 6 days after Hurricane Katrina

*We had 6 kids living in the house

*Our Friday nights were spent at the football  field working the concession stand (Rob & Andy were in the band)

*Our days were filled with homeschooling and meal planning for a large family while Greg's 4 were at the public schools

*We bought a house & flipped it ~ not the business for us, but we did it once

*Rob & Andy graduated from highschool, got accepted into college, and moved into the house we were flipping

*Allen started his Senior year with homeschooling, worked fulltime at chick fil a, and made Eagle Scout.

*James moved to Miss., lives are 20 minutes from us, and started working full time.

*I adopted Katie & Will and Greg adopted Amy.

*We've traveled lots ~ Virginia, Washington DC, Hilton Head, Disney World, the trip out West, and work related travels  Plus Mission Trips to Honduras (3 times), Oklahoma, and Greg's Haiti trip.

*Katie & Will starting homeschooling (amen)

*Allen got engaged and then un-engaged (long story...its better this way)

*Rob got engaged, graduated from college, and got accepted to grad school.

*Greg's in his final year of grad school for his Master's of Engineering.

*Miss Katie started a courtship with Bryant, now they are engaged, and getting married 4 weeks from today.

We've had some wonderful adventures, some tearful/tense moments with all and any of our children, joined a new church, started cooking for church dinners/youth gatherings/fund raisers, we've added 4 dogs to our family, had chicken & pig adventures, lots of craft fun, and grown closer to each other and to the Lord~!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And I'm so glad you are in Mississippi!



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