Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitude Monday 1131-1150

3 months since I've counted blessings....shame on me!  Praise the Lord for his abundant, generous, loving blessings in our lives.

1131. Will relaxing

1132.  groceries bought by Dad to help stock the "almost newlyweds" cupboards

1133.  the beauty of cabinets with food

1134.  lots of help unpacking and making this empty box stack

1135.  welcome mat to Bryant & Katie's new apartment

1136.  newly engage couple ~ our son Andy & his Amy Kate

1137.  beautiful engagement ring set with a grandmothers diamond

1138.  clasped hands

1139.  beautiful rings & lovely girls
1140.  freshly painted living room

1141.  my niece who was determined to win the puppies over ~ it worked!

1142.  a beautiful friend who blessed us with a devotion & scripture at Katie's shower

1143.  fun church friends!

  1144.the blessing of Godly ladies in Katie's life that helped bless her future marriage

1145.  Bluebelle the lop eared bunny friend ~ Amy's newest animal buddy

1146.  a new baby friend with a beautiful laugh

1147.  cold popsicles on a HOT day to share with friends

1148.  James ~ our newest college student

1149.   finished Snoopy baby quilt
1150.    2 daughters that love to have fun  (good, innocent sister fun)      


  1. Those are beautiful pictures with beautiful blessings.

    No shame on you. They may not be written down, but I know you, my friend, are carving them into your heart.



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