Tuesday, September 13, 2011


For today....

Outside my window...it sunny and hot (again) high will be in the 90's today ~ I am ready for FALL

I am thinking...of the dwindling list of wedding "to-do's"

I am thankful for...the dwindling list of wedding "to-do's"

From the kitchen...right now the counters are covered with lace, pearls, ribbon, and barrettes ~ making the wedding hair decorations for the ceremony for all the girls.  Tonight, I think we are making chicken enchila's from a new recipe I found.

 From the learning rooms...lots of math (they are already on unit 5), reading, Proverbs, prayer, typing, spanish, history, some research.  We toured the downtown post office yesterday ~ very interesting.

I am wearing...clothes  & a headache (involves the above mentioned lace and pearls)

I am creating...the stuff in the kitchen, a hand embroidered table runner, and a cross stitch baby blanket, and a machine embroidered block for a baby toy (too many last minute ideas running through my brain to enter in the state fair in 2 weeks)

I am going...to concentrate on completion of projects

I am reading...not a lot right now, just a few minutes before bedtime but the top book on the bedside table stack is "Family Feasts for $75 a week", and next will be my new book "The American Woman's Home" (that I just got for free thanks to swagbucks) by Catherine Beecher & Harriet Beecher Stowe

I am praying...for my husband and my children

I am hearing....Adventures in Oddysey playing on a computer, puppies yipping and water running and K & A talking (they are bathing the dogs)

Around the house...tons of crafting, schooling, thank you note writing for wedding gifts, packing, some relaxing

A few plans for the rest of the week....hopefully getting chickens, finishing projects, Allen's visit this weekend, life!

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  1. you are so busy it makes my head spin! LOL! But what wonderful busy you are! We love Chicken enchilada's here at our house. I have a great home made enchilada sauce recipe on my blog under the recipes...mmmm! It is 90 here today and supposed to be 70 tomorrow! How the weather changes in Mid MIssouri!


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